Separation Anxiety

Deciding when and how to end a marriage or go through a separation is difficult, and the process can be emotionally draining.   Usually, the first step is separation, which can only be complicated by factors like financial obligations, children, and even pets.  Where will each of you live?  How will the financial responsibilities for the family and marital home be divided when you are not living under the same roof during the separation?  When will you get to spend quality time with the children?  If you remain in the marital home, how will your estranged spouse gain access? And how often?  The odds that two people who have not been getting along and who are contemplating a permanent end to their marital partnership will be able to agree to a temporary arrangement is highly unlikely.  However, having a temporary agreement that addresses financial responsibilities and a visitation schedule can help ease the stress between spouses during the initial separation period.  Guidance from an experienced family law attorney or the assistance of a mediator during this time is a great solution.  Also, having a temporary agreement in place during the separation period is a great starting place for negotiating a final property settlement agreement and visitation schedule.