E-discovery and Mobile Technology Trends

Mobile Development Platform: According to a survey by Urban Airship performed, the developers of mobile applications are maximum inclined, new models in iOS (90%), followed by the Android platform (73.8%) to develop. Blackberry (22.2%), a distant bookmark for Windows Phone 8 (24.4%) for developers in 2015 seems to be calling for more androids to be made.


Development for touchscreen: Who does not want to enter the world with a key? 2015 mobile development will experience a significant change with touchscreen phones on all other applications. Mobile application developers are constantly shedding their sweat to make sites you navigate compatible with all touchscreen devices available in the mobile market.


Mobile SEO: Internet-enabled cell phones, the concept of SEO is going to be different in 2015 compared to previous years. Mobile Browsers now have another set of algorithm, compared to desktop browsers. So it will be very important for entrepreneurs and different skilled IT professionals to realize that technologies for mobile SEO must be optimized for new challenges.


Mobile Advertising: Advertising in the footsteps of traffic and this applies to mobile telephones. Since each of us wants to see mobile phones with web engine, business houses will gain more revenue from advertising in this medium. However, advertising strategies pose constraints and size of the phones should also. Be a criteria when thinking about ads


It’s time for mobile video calls: In 2015, we expect that mobile communication would have reached the next level to achieve greatness with video calling. By calling iPhone 6 FaceTime and Skype Android Smartphones, here comes a new era filled with tremendous growth. In 2017, According to a study, it is assumed that the video call technology on mobile smartphones will connect more than 50 million users and the development is already on going.